Equip your personnel with the necessary skills to improve operational performance


All Wentworth Training programmes are delivered to meet the bespoke needs of a client's business. Our comprehensive portfolio of training modules will help your staff develop the necessary skills to meet your business goals and training objectives.

Training design and delivery will suit the individual characteristics of your business and we are also able to assist in Training Video Production where required.



Sales Skills

The way your personnel present themselves to and service your customers is a direct reflection of your business. Giving your customer facing staff the skills to deal professionally with customers will not only create a positive first impression, it will enhance and maintain your well-earned reputation.

Wentworth Customer Service Skills Training modules have been developed to equip staff at all levels with a toolkit of 'everyday' business skills, including:



A 1- or 2-day course aimed at all levels of customer facing personnel that focuses on ensuring customers receive a consistent, efficient and professional quality of service at all points of contact with your business.

The programme will give clear guidelines on what is expected to maintain your company's Customer Service Standards, driving buy-in from personnel to act as frontline 'ambassadors' for the business.

Sales Skills

Topics may include:

  • Vision & Values
  • What Our Customers Want
  • Communication Skills
  • How To Communicate With Customers
  • Handling Difficult Customers & Complaints
  • How To Work With Customers to Solve Their Problems

By the end of the sessions, participants will not only know what is expected of them, they will also have a better understanding of customer needs and expectations.


"The real benefit of our training came from Nick's approach. He created a really inclusive environment where we were all encouraged to participate. It wasn't scary to speak out and everyone's opinion mattered which made it all the more enjoyable and productive for me."

Delegate Feedback


Equip your personnel with the key people skills to achieve industry 'best practice', motivate colleagues and encourage peak performance. Our 3 core programmes developed to achieve these outcomes, include:

  • Management Development 'Managing for Excellence'
  • Performance Appraisal Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Skills Training



This comprehensive management development programme is delivered over 3 to 6 sessions and will equip personnel in managerial or supervisory roles with the people skills and confidence to manage colleagues effectively, maximising their performance. These well-established programmes incorporate modules on:

Team Motivation & Delegation | Effective Management Styles | Performance Management | Presentation Skills | Staff Recruitment



A 1- or 2-day session that gives Managers and Supervisors the skills to carry out effective staff performance reviews and appraisals, with modules including:

Importance of Preparation | Questioning & Listening Skills | Managing Difficult Conversations | SMART Objectives | Handling Underperformance



Sales Skills

Empowering individuals to know how and when to 'withdraw' from a confrontation will give them confidence and help diffuse situations in a professional, friendly manner in both the workplace and when in a customer facing role.

Our Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Skills Training modules are ideally suited to provide staff with both the confidence and skills to deal with internal disputes or members of the public where conflict situations may arise.

Improved interpersonal skills nurture a positive working environment where all colleagues treat each other respectfully and professionally, creating improved 'team dynamics'.

Good team dynamics are often an essential element to obtaining positive outcomes in conflict situations.

By equipping staff with relevant Interpersonal and Conflict Resolution Skills Training they will be able to manage personnel more effectively, resolve bullying or staff disputes, and handle difficult customer issues in a professional and amicable manner.



It is sometimes difficult for personnel to feel comfortable in managing the financial necessities of business, whether that be up selling or cross selling of products & services, or simply recognising that customers will be prepared to pay a premium for exceptional service.

Our well-established Sales Skills Training programmes are designed to give your personnel the tools and confidence to make the most of the assets within the business, supplier relationships and untapped financial opportunities.

Key Account Management Skills | Advanced Solution Selling Skills | Product Benefit Selling



Sales Skills

Clients will pay for good service so efficient and professional account management skills can often directly tap into many financial opportunities that will benefit the bottom line.

With the right toolkit and knowledge of the right questions to ask, skilled and confident account managers can make a significant contribution to the success of your business.

This programme arms participants with the account management skills to understand how to:

  • Become 'Supplier of First Choice'
  • Generate Customer Loyalty
  • Build Multi-Level Relationships
  • Up & Cross Sell
  • Turnover & Margin



This 1.5 day training programme helps personnel develop the knowledge, skills and processes essential to retain or increase sales of industry specific solutions. This will ultimately drive sales momentum, improve revenue streams and ensure margins are maximised.



Ideally suited to customer facing staff, this 1-day course gives them the knowledge, skills and confidence to present key products to customers from a variety of departments, industry sectors and seniority levels. By the end of the session participants will be able to make compelling product benefit arguments and handle potential objections assertively and professionally.


Sales Skills


Recognising the specific skill sets of departmental personnel, this training module is aimed at developing and improving writing skills across various customer contact scenarios via 3 half day sessions.

From professionally written email communications to reports, participants will learn how to write in an effective and persuasive manner that will leave customers in no doubt that they are receiving the highest levels of professional service.



Presenting is not a natural skill for everyone and can often vary according to personal style and interpretation of what is required. This 1- or 2-day course is focused on ensuring that customer facing personnel deliver powerful and compelling presentations that adhere to your company guidelines.

Ensuring consistency of brand message, identity and delivery expectations these sessions will enable participants to present in a confident and professional manner at all levels of customer seniority.

Training Materials Design

If you require specific training materials to be designed Wentworth Training has a wealth of experience in planning, design and production of a variety of printed and online training collateral.

Training Video Production

Where required Wentworth Training can provide camera crew, voiceover artists and post production support to create 'attention grabbing' professionally produced training videos.