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Team and people skills

Developing teams, people management

  • Motivational leadership – Department managers, supervisors / team leaders
  • Appraisal / performance review skills
  • Building high performance teams
  • Time to manage time
  • Effective recruitment and selection skills
  • Balancing pressure and performance

It’s not enough to have great leaders; you must also have great, motivated teams & individuals

Motivational Leadership

Develop and deliver inspirational leadership programme for department managers of a Mercedes-Benz Truck and Van Dealership. Modules include:

  • Planning for Success,
  • Building the High Performance Team
  • Boosting Personal Productivity
  • Making Winning Business Cases
  • Performance improvement and disciplinary procedures.

Performance improvement – enhancing business margins

Facilitate cross department teams of managers from Car and Commercial Vehicle Dealer to identify areas for improvement of profit margin, efficiency and productivity. Introduce performance review and train management/ supervisory teams to replica watches uk conduct appraisals.

Effective recruitment and selection skills

Design, develop and deliver workshops to department managers from IT company in advance of major recruitment campaign. Includes the use of psychometric testing / behavioural assessment in selection and the implementation of legal and best practice throughout the process.

Managing workplace stressors

Design and conduct workplace stress audit at a West End theatre group. Deliver management workshop to identify the signs and symptoms of stress at work and to help devise interventions to replica watches reduce stress levels in individuals and teams (find this in our training library jump and scroll).

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