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Business-focused Human Resources (HR) Management

Today, more than ever, employers face increasing employment legislation and feel overburdened by red tape. The pressure to restructure, reorganize to down size and remain flexible has never been greater. The costs of rolex replica internal HR management seem increasingly difficult to justify. Yet business must go on, profit must be made, performance raised, risk reduced and opportunities taken.

This is where Wentworth's business-focused human resource management service can help you cut through the red tape and focus on core profit-making activities. Wentworth's customers can rely on replica watches uk its cost-effective HR Management Services to provide hands-on support to help resolve disputes and grievances, to attend formal meetings, disciplinary hearings and assist with redundancy consultation. Or it can provide Company Managers with the business skills and knowledge to eliminate/reduce the need for expensive Human Resource Management Departments.

Employment law is rapidly changing which means even the best employers face the risk of claims from disgruntled employees with Employment Tribunal applications at a record high and rising. Wentworth offers a highly consultative approach to employment related issues from Employment Tribunal case management support to the replica watches uk provision of detailed HR Management briefing documents through to drafting tailored letters for Company Managers dealing with individual employee related problems. For Company Managers who prefer to deal with HR management issues and employee issues themselves Wentworth's business skills training can equip them with the full range of leadership skills and employment knowledge.

Wentworth's team of expert Human Resources Consultants offer support at a time and place to suit you, by phone, email or face to face at your site.

See some of the clients we work with See some of the clients we work with

Wentworth HR helps to:

  • Manage the red tape
  • Reduce the risk of litigation and claims against your organisation
  • Improve the performance of your teams
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve sales and increase productivity
  • Take the strain and workload off busy directors and managers

Why not visit our complimentary on-line mini HR health check?Why not visit our complimentary on-line mini HR health check?

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